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I might just go (and stay) vegan for the animals

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Anonymous: People like you really piss me off. Apathy isn't going to solve any problems

I ASSURE YOU I am the opposite of apathetic. I made this blog (and the description) my junior year of high school, and. At the time, I simply was not interested in 99% of the shit that was being shoved down my throat at school. Similarly, I don’t care for a lot of the things that are expected of me. For example, I’m not excessively social and outgoing. Being out and about and partying it up (like basically everyone my age) all the time is just of no interest to me (that’s so stereotypical but idk it’s just an example w/e I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being interested in different things). FINALLY, passion and interest are two different things??? I care about a lot of things that are important to me. Trust me, I want to be as much help and as much of a positive change as I can be.

I probably contradicted myself somewhere in there but whatever. I know what I’m doing to make a difference and I know that I’ll never give that up in the future because it has become a part of me.

u cool now??


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Baked lucuma banana oats with fresh fruit, raw almondbutter, a drizzle Maple syrup and hempseeds 😍 oatporn ❤️
Anonymous: It's our nature, there are animals who torture and eat other animals, it happens even with the animals you're protecting. Some animals eat the plants how is that not bad for our planet. My point is that it happens everywhere it's our world's nature it's who we are.


it’s not our “nature” to put chickens in cages so tiny they will never stand up their entire lives. it’s not our “nature” to sexually assault cows. it’s not our “nature” to separate calves from their mothers so that they both scream in agony all day and night. it’s not our “nature” to own animals or make money off of them, no matter how well you believe you may be treating them. there is absolutely nothing “natural” about the animal product industries. when animals kill each other in the wild, that is not even a similar situation to what humans are doing to all of the other species in the world who co-habitate this planet with us today.

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